Narwoure Ama of Oubiagou

Here, you will read testimonies of the impact of ATAPEB’s work.

Narwoure Ama is a 43 year old woman with four children in the village of Oubiagou. Her husband died 12 years ago. She had never been to school but attended a Moba literacy class by ATAPEB three years ago and then became a Moba literacy teacher two years ago. Below is her testimony (in October 2017) on the benefits of literacy.

“There is no illness worse than ignorance because it is not curable in a hospital. Literacy healed me of it when I learned to read and write and am now able to teach God’s Word in my church of some 70 members. One day, I went to teach members of a young church in another village and its members asked me to come preach on Sundays. I replied saying that their pastor and I preach the same thing, because there is only one Bible.

Having become literate, I now know how to educate my children. I encourage them in their schooling because I know the benefits of being literate. I teach them so that they will serve God according to His will. I used to get angry quickly, but am now delivered by the reading and studying of God’s Word. I used to be timid when in public but not anymore. Whatever the size of the crowd, I am able to preach God’s Word or give counsel.

Wherever I go, I do not get lost because I can read the names of villages written in Moba on sign boards on the road. When I go to the market with my products, nobody can cheat me. If I go to a local healthcare center, I know how to check the dosage of the medication for myself or my child.

One day, I went to the market to get a prepaid credit for my telephone. The agent did so but the message on my phone did not show any credit amount. I told him so but he denied it. A passerby heard us and stopped and I explained the situation to him. He took my phone to check and found it to be as I said, that nothing had come through. The agent then redid the credit transfer of 500 francs to my phone. These are the advantages of being literate.

I thank God for His immeasurable grace to me that allows me to serve Him. May God bless the people of ATAPEB and those who give money to continue this work. May God help them so that all who are still in ignorance may be delivered and find wholeness.”

(October 2017)

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