TCHANTE Pouguinimpo Emmanuel of Dontougou

58 year-old TCHANTE Pouguinimpo Emmanuel is a catechist in the village of Dontougou. He had never been to school but learned to read and write in Moba since 1980.

“When I arrived in the village to be the catechist of Dontougou church, I noticed a problem. There is a lack of readers in Moba. In Dontougou, most people do not understand French. The students there do not read Moba which is their language. So I appealed to ATAPEB who quickly started a French to Moba transition class for those who read French.

I am happy with the benefits of this class. Three students help with reading God’s Word in Moba and also in the choir. An additional joy for me is that one woman accepted Jesus. ATAPEB also started a literacy class for those who had never been to school. From this second class, three members are also reading God’s Word in Moba in the church. I am very relieved and am sure that the messages and the reading of God’s Word in our language will touch hearts and bring changes to the people’s lives.

I pray that God will open the minds of all to be interested in their language so that they can be fulfilled. My thanks to ATAPEB and all who help to bring salvation to our brothers and sisters who had never been to school.”

(May 2018)

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