GNIENA Koussadjoa of Naki-West

This testimony is given by Gniena Koussadjoa , a member of the Assemblies of God church in Naki-West. He is 42 years old.

“I came to ATAPEB to buy a carton of 30 Moba New Testaments to bring to Ivory Coast. Our brothers over there want to have God’s Word in their mother tongue. Last year, I went there with 8 copies of the Moba New Testament but the demand was much greater. They told me then not to return to them without the Moba Bible! Since the whole Moba BIble is not yet available, I will bring them more of the Moba New Testament. I want to thank you for the translation of God’s Word in our language, and would like to encourage you to expedite the work so that the whole Bible would be ready in Moba very soon.”

(May 2018)

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